Sunshine Nursery - Our outdoor area

At Sunshine Nursery we use the outdoor area every day. The outdoor area is designed to progress the children’s physical, social and personal skills and communication, language and interaction skills. We have a range of continuous provision including a garden/growing area, a reading jungle, a building area, mud kitchen, mark making area and water play. We also have a range of equipment such as bikes, scooters and climbing apparatus.


Children love to explore our mud kitchen.  We use a range of resources for the children to explore including mud, sand, water, food, and clay.  We take the children on walks around the local burn and local woodland to collect resources to use in our mud kitchen.  The mud kitchen is a great resource for children to develop their fine and gross motor skill, communication and language and personal social and emotional skills.  The children often link experiences from home to the mud kitchen. Children tell us about baking at home and their grandparents’ allotments.

Two children playing with a wooden microwave in the outdoor kitchen A child sitting in the outdoor kitchen playing with some vegetables on the table A child chopping up some broccoli at a table in the outdoor kitchen


We have a range of outdoor equipment to promote physical development including bikes, scooters and climbing apparatus.

A child walking across a balance beam A child on a tricycle


We use the outdoor area to explore the world around us.  Learning about different types of weather, minibeasts and life cycles of plants.

A child fills up a jug from the rainwater collection barrel A child waters some plants A child smiles at the camera while working in the garden