About us


Boldon Community Association (also known as Boldon Community Centre) was founded in April 1977 in conjunction with CISWO (Coal Industry Social Welfare Organisation) and South Tyneside Council. 

We are a registered charity.  Our charity number is 506668.  Our Community Centre is based in the heart of the community of the “Boldons” which serves the local community and neighbouring areas.

Boldon Colliery is considered to be an area of deprivation, with this in mind we aim to offer a diverse range of facilities and activities at an affordable rate which are available to all. 

We are open 7 days a week and a single storey building making us easily accessible to people with disabilities.

The Centre is governed by 4 Trustees and a Management Committee consisting of 20 members who are all committed volunteers who meet once a month to discuss Centre business.

All Safeguarding and financial policies are up to date and in place.


Our Core Values – Aims and Objectives

To help us achieve our mission statement we have six core values that support our service:

  • to have our members access inclusive facilities and activities.
  • to deliver an equal and diverse programme of activities
  • to strive to improve the physical and mental health & wellbeing of our members by offering a diverse range of physical and social activities.
  • to treat all members equally and to operate with integrity
  • to participate as independent and valued citizens, but also enriching the world around them.
  • to encourage community cohesion


Mission Statement

We passionately believe, delivering a successful inclusive service, stems from total dedication to members of the local community and neighbouring areas to which we serve.

To strive to meet the needs of all, through participation in the provision of recreational, sporting, and social welfare activities.   To support families and individuals enjoying equal rights and opportunities and providing a safe, warm, and caring environment with inclusive access.


Vision Statement

Boldon CA is a large and vibrant Community Centre sharing a campus with Boldon School based in the heart of the Community of Boldon Colliery.  Providing inclusive, innovative, and sustainable activities improving the physical, mental, and emotional, health & wellbeing for all.  Promoting Community cohesion and social needs for all we serve.